How a mother feels her best

Say Good Morning to The Edible Co’s ‘My Mornings’ blog series where we take a little peek into the life of how one person spends the early part of their day. 

Meet Cynthea Lam, the energy behind Super Farmers – a unique wellness company that is all about finding the balance between your mind, body and spirit. To find the simplicity and beauty in one’s life, that’s what drew me to Cynthea a few years ago when we met and she taught me so much about taking care of my plants and my health.


Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I’m Cynthea, a mother of 2 and founder of Super Farmers. I love life, and constantly seek to live life in a more simplified way. My role as a mother is to ensure my family have happy food in their tummies, always laughing and having fun. That brings me joy!

What is your healthy breakfast?
My healthy breakfast is Oats. I love the taste of Oats especially when they’ve been soaking in milk overnight. I don’t have a big stomach, so just having a small jar of Oats filled with my favourite seeds and nuts and raisins is good enough for me.

What is your unhealthy breakfast? 
Chwee Kueh is my other favourite breakfast dish but I don’t have it often because I feel sleepy and slightly bloated after that. I don’t believe in unhealthy food actually; I believe in having balance. I stay away from labeling things “bad”, “guilty” or “sinful” because I’d rather go with how my body feels after eating it. So, having a McDonald’s meal is perfectly fine with me if I’m balancing it with a mineral-dense salad for dinner later. No biggie!

What are your morning routines? 
I wake up at 6am everyday to prepare and send my kids to school. We don’t have a helper, so, my husband and I play very hands-on roles. My me-time starts at 730am, and I’d make myself a strong tea (I’m not a coffee person), start checking my emails, have breakfast at 8am, do some dinner prep before heading to the office by 930am. And then the day doesn’t end until I need to rush back to pick up the kids from after school care and then home to cook dinner. 


What makes you feel your best?
I don’t want this to sound pretentious, but giving someone a big smile really brightens their day and mine. I think a lot of us don’t get to see things behind the scenes; We don’t know how tough life has been for someone. When people see me, they can’t tell I nearly lost my daughter 7 years ago and had my last $100 in the bank after paying off her medical bills and started Super Farmers with $0, or that I’m also a co-caregiver to my ailing parent for the past 4 years, having to ensure I myself am in good mental and physical health so that I can support a beaten spirit who’s had to fight Cancer for so long. So, I don’t need a lot to make me feel my best – kindness to others, and others’ kindness to me is like finding gold.


What does healthy mean to you?
Healthy to me, is never just a physical thing – it has to begin with a healthy mind. I’ve cured myself of Insomnia and chronic Eczema by working in tandem with my mind and heart, simply by listening inward, and understanding what my body needs. I’ve been seeing a therapist regularly for the past 6 years and to me, that’s my mind gym. A healthy mind can weather life’s predicaments, and if we couple that with a healthy body, I think we’re set to take life on with open arms!


Any recipes to share with us? 
I’m sharing with you my super simple Overnight Oats recipe, good for one person.

In an empty jar (I use an old peanut butter jar):
-3-4 tablespoons of Oats (rolled or baby oats are fine)
-Organic Soy Milk, enough to flood the Oats (use cow’s milk or nut milk if you prefer, there’re no rules)
-A handful of raisins (or any dried fruit)

  1. Soak the above overnight (to break down the starch and Phytic acids for easier digestion)
  2. Before eating, top with your favourite seeds and nuts (I love pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and almonds)
    Note: I do not like pairing fruits with Oats because the fast-acting enzymes in fruits often lead to intestinal putrefaction quickly


Thank you Cynthea for sharing with us your life lessons!




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