Unrefined Salt

9 Facts about Salt You Never Knew

When someone mentions salt, we associate it with negative thoughts such as ‘hypertension’, ‘water retention’ and the list goes on. Quite contrary, moderated consumption of salt CAN be good and essential for you too!

There are just so many different salts out there; think himalayan pink salt, kosher salt, celtic sea salt, fleur de sel and many more. But here’s one thing for sure, we bet you didn’t know these nine fun facts about salt.

1. Sea salt contains over 60 trace minerals, to which that it is a good supplement of essential minerals for your body to perform its bodily functions.

2. Each of our cells contains salt and that means that an average adult packs a box of 250g salt.

3. Spilled some wine on your favourite white tee? Worry not and apply some salt on it before soaking it in cold water because salt helps to break down the stain.

4. The best kind of sea salt you can get are those that are still damp from the sea that it was extracted from.

Hon Khoi Salt Field
Natural salt being harvested in the Hon Khoi Salt Fields, Vietnam.

5. How do you get black salt? By mixing salt water with harad seeds. Psst, if you ground them, it becomes pink!

6. Salt helps to improve insulin sensitivity in our blood sugar.

7. Having an allergic reaction? Consume some salt for its natural antihistamine properties.

8. It helps to balance fluids and prevent dehydration.

9. Large pink or orange chunks of Himalayan rock salt crystals are used in salt lamps and in the walls of ‘salt chambers’ at spas that promise an instant detox.

Now, salt isn’t so harmful sounding anymore, is it?

One last fun fact for the road: We use pure Himalayan pink salt made from rock crystals of salt that have been mined from areas close to Himalayas, often in Pakistan. The rosy hue comes from the trace minerals found in the salt, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium so you’ll be getting your mineral supplement as you munch on our snacks!

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